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Atari Jaguar Fighting Games, Pinball of the Dead & The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield

Welcome to the Leftover Culture Show

I have often wondered how the Leftover Culture Review could look as a Television show. So I made the Leftover Culture Show! Inspired by classic kids TV shows like Bad Influence! and the Zone, I wanted to bring a high-energy, super-retro video game experience.



Atari Jaguar Fighting Games

The Leftover Culture Show has been used to expand on a few videos I’ve made in the past, notable, the Atari Jaguar Fighting Games video where I reviewed games like Dragon: The Bruce Lee story, Ultra Vortek and Kasumi Ninja.



Sonic X-Treme Demo

Back from the dead. The lost ‘3D’ Sonic game being developed for the Sega Saturn is available for download. And it’s glorious. There’s not much to do here for a demo. But there’s a lot of history behind developing a proper 3D Sonic the Hedghog game. This demo is a testament to how many iterations Sonic passed through in the 90’s and 00’s to bring him into a full 3D adventure.

We saw Knuckles and his entourage approach 3D platforming first for the special stages in Knuckles Chaotix’. The 32x was a very special place, primed for a break-out hit and a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog might have paved the way for a more successful add-on. Unfortunately, a 3D Sonic game was pushed from the 32x. A few more attempts were made on the Sega Saturn. We even got a demo of what Sonic would look like using the NiGHTS into Dreams Engine.

We had to wait until the Sega Dreamcast for the next full 3D Sonic Adventure, but this demo is a great insight to where Sega were heading in the 90’s. And why it might have taken a bit longer to see Sonic in action.


Virtual Springfield

A trip down memory lane. To Springfield from 1997. The Simpsons’ had plenty of games. But Virtual Springfield opened up the town for keen explorers. With plenty of in-jokes, references to episodes and original-voiced characters. This is one game that did justice to The Simpsons’ cartoon.

One of my favorite locations was Noise Land Arcade. With plenty of video game adaptions from the cartoon to check out. One game that interested me was Super Slugfest. It’s a 2-player boxing game. And there’s a few special moves worth checking out to give you the edge.

Player 1 (red trunks)
Main Buttons:      		A, S, D, Z, X
Uppercut:			X, X, W
Punch around the ring:	        X, D, A,
Special:     			D, (wait) D (wait) Z

Player 2 (purple trunks)
Main Buttons:			8, 4, 5, 6, 0, 2
Uppercut:			2, 2, 8
Punch around the ring:	        2, 6, 4
Special:			6, (wait) 6, (wait) 0

Note: Special can only be done when opponent is on last four bars in health


Pinball of the Dead Review (Game Boy Advance)


The Game Boy Advance had plenty of unique, strange titles. And Sega obviously had a lot of fun bringing their games to the system. Pinball of the Dead is an incredibly strange spin-off from their House of the Dead series. Made exclusively for the Game Boy Advance and featuring a tiny metal ball shredding three tables. Each table has its own theme, zombies and Boss character. Filled with bonuses and extra areas.


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