Mighty Max Bytes Cyberskull Doom Zone Review

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Mighty Max Bytes Cyberskull

Doom Zone Playset Review

Mighty Max Bytes Cyberskull came out in the last wave of Doom Zones for the franchise and they were really pulling out all the stops. The Playset is based off an arcade board for a computer game where Max has to journey inside the computer itself to fight the bad guy; the Cyber Surfer.

I’m a massive fan of the look of this playset. Especially the colour scheme and the cyborg look. Cyberskull himself (who the outside of the playset is based off), managed to stick around long enough for a follow up TV episode (and Battle Warrior Playset, Mighty Max Shuts down Cybot).

The playset comes complete with your Mighty max figure, the Central Brain, your Cyber Surfer and the Virtual Vehicle. The Virtual Vehicle forms a headset on the outside of the set but transforms into a tank for Mighty Max to ride.

Another cool feature, unusual for a Doom Zone, are the play features on the outside. The eyepiece can be lifted out of the way, revealing a crumbling eye socket beneath. And I guess the ear piece flips down like a headset. Cyberskull is an awesome looking set, but I can’t think of anybody that looks good with a headset. To me, it screams telemarketer, but

By pulling the jaw forward, we can unclasp and open this set up. So, this is basically the ‘Video Game’ themed set for the toy line. Megacorp designed a game called Cybersurfer. But while Mighty Max is playing the game, it tries to digitize the entire city. Mighty Max has to battle the Cybersurfer in Virtual Reality and destroy the brain-source. Savign the world from a grim, digitized fate.


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Mighty Max Cyberskull Comic Card