Mighty Max Shuts Down Cybot – Battle Warrior Review

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Mighty Max Shuts Down Cybot

Battle Warrior Review

Cyberskull is back for another clash with Mighty Max, but this time, he’s got a gigantic robot to back him up.

Opening up the chest cavity, we get our Cyberskull figure, and the inner workings of Cybot. A true feat of craftsmanship, these battle warrior sets never made amazing playsets on their own, I still really like the direction they went with them, creating a larger enemy for Mighty Max to fight and coupled with a complementary Doom Zone, you had a pretty cool set going. Cybot obviously works really well with the Cyberskull Doom Zone, and it’s kind of cool being able to bring the Cyberskull villain into that set as well.

So the story here, Cybot and Cyberskull get sent out by Megacorp, the villainous Mega Corporation, to destroy the world’s databanks, pure evil. Mighty Max gets alerted by a newscast he’s watching that Cybot is on the prowl in Australia and with the remote, Max heads through a portal to head off the menace. Using the remote, Max is able to disrupt Cybot, forcing Cyberskull to pursue Max one-on-one on the accessory, Cybernet Cruiser, and Max is able to trick Cybot into dicing Cyberskull.

So Mighty Max Shuts down Cybot was one of the last Battle warriors released for the Toy Line, with Cyberskull actually being one of the more popular villains brought into the cartoon series. Two separate episodes, The Cyberksull Virus and Cyberskull 2: The next level. In the second episode, Cyberskull comes back from the depths of cyberspace to influence a cult-like following to move his programming into a massive physical body.

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