Mighty Max Grips the Hand Doom Zone Playset Review

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Let’s take a trip down to the Graveyard with one of the only zombie-themed playsets released for Mighty Max toy line in the 90’s. Mighty Max Grips the Hand. Complete with a couple of zombies and a demon, Mighty Max has an incredible adventure ahead of him.

The severed hand makes an incredibly gory toy. Perfect for the boys and girls of the 90s with a mean horror streak. Be sure to check out all our Mighty Reviews here.

Graveyard Doom Zone Play Set

Easily one of my favourite Doom Zone playsets, Mighty Max Grips the Hand (or Crushes the hand depending on region). This severed zombie hand has plenty of small details and textures on both the inside and outside. There’s some interesting gaps and gashes on the hand that let you glimpse inside. It all integrates really well with the pieces inside the set.

Opening up the knuckles first, we have a grave plot with a zombie breaking through the dirt. There’s also a smaller grave space for burying the Mighty One. It really starts to form its own small play section with the stairs and textures beside the grave and tomb stone.

Opening up the rest of the set we can see the rest of the graveyard where Mighty Max is being surrounded by the undead. There’s graves, a mausoleum and a lot of sculpted zombies breaking out of the ground in a rainbow of colours. It breaks up the same green colours, but I’m not sure why they decided to make yellow and purple zombies.

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Where’s the TV episode?

So my biggest issue with the cartoon series and the Mighty Max line, there just wasn’t that much zombie love.  They used some elements for an Egyptian-themed episode called the Mommy’s Hand. The Villain is the Egyptian god, Isis, trying to bring Osiris back to life through a cursed ring. Max’s mother gets the ring and it turns out, she’s the worthy one. So instead of losing her hand, like the multiple ring-wearers before her, she summons Osiris. Isis and Osiris are reunited and return to the sand. The link between playset and episode is very loose but looking at the comic strip, you can see they thought out a decent story.

Thankfully, this wasn’t the only Zombie themed playset in the toyline. The Mighty Max TV show also went on to cover aliens turning people into ‘living’ zombies.
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