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Mall Madness 2 – Christmas Rush [Free Download PC Game]

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The first Mall Madness had you trying to survive the Mall... Now you're back for one more shopping trip. This time you need Santa photos. That's why you're stuck at the Mall on Christmas Eve, but the people are vicious, security is high-strung and the elves are out in full force.

Your instructions from Mum;

1. Meet Santa
2. Make it to the photo kiosk alive.

Think you can handle Mall Madness again? This time, it's Christmas.

Welcome to Mall Madness 2.

New Weapons

Mall madness 2 - Christmas blaster
Weapons designed to bring out the Christmas spirit in any last-minute shoppers.

New Stage

Mall madness 2 - Christmas blaster
There's more than one way to get through Mall Madness 2. With multiple paths, enjoy your shopping trip again and again.

New Enemies

Mall madness 2 - Christmas blaster
Christmas can bring out the worst in people. Meet all new enemies and traps, including Santa himself.

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