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It’s a Leftover Culture Christmas! 2013

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LOCR Christmas Special 2013

Frohe Weihnachten!

All your wishes have come true!! A super long, pre-recorded extended Christmas Special for 2013, straight from Leftover Culture Review HQ.

Keeping with Christmas tradition (second year in a row!), I get to review a brand new Plug ‘n Play addition to the games room; the Sega Arcade Master. I quickly check it out, see what this beast can do and count down a list of 5 games that work really well with the arcade stick setup.

The Sega Mega Drive has a great library of games that really suit the arcade setup and it can emulate a lot of games that might be cost prohibitive or only available in other markets.

I round out Christmas by reviewing specifically, the second game in the Die Hard Trilogy, an arcade light-gun shooter. This is actually a review I wrote last year before flying to Germany when I realised my Neo Geo X wasn’t going to arrive in time. I ended up nixing it at the time, but around Christmas I love reflecting on the past and this is a script that I chose to RESURRECT FROM THE DEAD!!

It’s a lot of Christmas for one review, but if you’re think you’re ready for the challenge, watch the damn review and Merry Bloody Christmas.

 To keep some of that Christmas cheer flowing, I’m going to embed my first ever video collaboration with a YouTuber called Super Derek below. It’s got some great YouTubers in there and the sense of community is enough to make your tear up a little.

[youtubeplaylist PLic15f5zMC6dT6nkfg83dxLzc3Z80D6pb 640 360]

 Christmas Games Rooms

I had this wild idea of creating an awesome wall of awesome video games rooms decorated for Christmas. I only got one entry from Super Derek, but hey, man the lights are beautiful. Soak it up and if you want to get your games room promoted on the Christmas Games Room wall of fame for next year, send your photos into leftoverculturereview@gmail.com

Games Room Christmas Decorations
LOCR Games Room 2013


Super Derek Game Room
Super Derek’s Game Room 2013

Wanna get your games room promoted on the Christmas Games Room wall of fame? Send your photos into leftoverculturereview@gmail.com

Christmas’ Past

I really like using Christmas as a great time to look back and reflect. What better way than checking out previous Leftover Culture Review Christmas specials? We’ve got some big ideas and New Years resolutions for 2014, but I still love seeing how far my show has come in 3 years.

[youtubeplaylist PLvInidRS7jaWo3F3NGbs0bbclPzAEzS0i 640 360]

So, that’s how we’re running down the clock until New Years, bloody Christmas reruns. It’s been one hell of a year, I’m totally looking forward to taking some time off and coming back harder, faster and slightly improved in 2014.

Thanks for an awesome year of Leftover Culture and stay safe over the holidays.