Mighty Max Slider Rams Rhesus

Mighty Max Rams Rhesus (Bluebird Toys) Review

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Mighty Max Rams Rhesus (Bluebird Toys) Review

Mighty Max Horror Head Review

Mighty Max Rams Rhesus, or, in the US, Mighty Max Rams Hydron. The story here, Rhesus 4 are a race of super-intelligent Primates planning to invade Earth. Hydron is the name of the main villain here and the leader of Rhesus 4. His face forms the Horror Head exterior, decked out with Cyborg implants.


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It’s a horror head, so one of the smaller sets, and it’s ugly… Which is perfect. No issues with the head portion of the set. I do like the overall colour scheme on the outside as well, unfortunately, I feel like opening it up, those colours really starts to clash. The overuse of the black with the metallic highlights just don’t look good, in my opinion, but I have to admit the one thing I really like about these sets is how differently people feel about them. It really plays on the nostalgia and the kind of, little worlds you could build up with these playsets. So, even though it’s not my favourite, feel free to disagree in the comments because I’d love to hear your perspective too.

Mighty Max Hydron Complete

One thing I do like about the set is how different to the standard Horror Head it is. Straight up, we have Hydron, the main bad guy and your mighty max figure. No other creature accessories here, you can see some of Hydron’s team painted on the backdrop here. But yeah, as far as I know, it’s one of the only, or perhaps, few Mighty Max sets with an vehicle you need to assemble for Hydron to sit in…

Mighty Max Hydron Set Open

So the set itself is like some, village or tribe, maybe a little tropical with the natural textures but at the same time, there’s crates and weapons sculpted onto the floor. I haven’t got much backstory on this design, but like I said, these figures are awesome for creating your own scenario’s… All the dark colours and the platforms leading up here make me feel like this could be set in a big trench or even underground.

Like I said, not a favourite set of mine but it’s not an overly common one either, so still fun to check out… Would love to hear your thoughts on this one in the comments, if it’s one you had as a kid or maybe you even know the story here a bit better?

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Mighty Max Hydron Set Closed