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Mighty Max Squishes Fly Doom Zone Review

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Mighty Max Squishes Fly

Doom Zone Review

Mighty Max Squishes the Fly is an insect themed Doom Zone playset that I like together with the Stings Scorpion and Trapped by Arachnoid Spider playsets. Personally, the Fly is clearly the stand-out from the bunch because of the unique themed coupled with a great layout and interesting colour scheme.

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You actually start by opening it up from the thorax, I never dissected a fly before… But let’s be clear, this is supposed to be a spaceship. A spaceship that has the monster Drax, forming the wings. With the main villain, Fly, acting more like a vampire creature. The fly spaceship comes complete with a mind control lab, the spaceships bridge, a large web covering the wall on the abdomen; There’s a lot happening in here for such a small set with a lot of different pop-culture influences.

So the Squishes Fly playset is fun to dissect, but the episode took to a whole new level. Instead of a Fly Shaped spaceship, the fly villain lived in an old castle in a European village. Very much set up like the classic Dracula story. It’s up to Mighty Max, Norman and Virgil to uncover the truth about this Dracula-esque villain. Survive her castle and defeat her in fly-form.

It’s an interesting episode that takes the Mighty Max squishes fly story in a totally different direction. This playset at least, has easily became one of my favorites, combing a lot of what I think makes these sets so much fun. Multiple levels for characters to stand on. Some great textures. Two enemy characters as well as a vehicle. As an added bonus, the translucent eyes open up revealing the cockpit.