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Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2)

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Shadow the Hedgehog (Sony Playstation 2)

Sonic’s edgy competition steps up to take on a whole game himself

Shadow the Hedgehog is a great idea for a spin-off in the Sonic series. It makes sense and let’s not forget, despite what the reviews say about the quality, the game itself was a financial success and made money.

Sonic has hit a rough patch in 3D, but there was a time the games were very eagerly awaited and even praised. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 broke new ground for the franchise and even Sonic Heroes had a lot of merit as a 3D adventure. Shadow the Hedgehog came next, in 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft XBox.

The intent here was very clear; an adult version of Sonic the Hedgehog. More weapons, evil characters, dark stages and chaos. For the most part, I thought the changes here were kind of cool; the extra weapons, different vehicles and even some of the stages were really interesting… Initially.


Shadow the Hedgehog, as a game, has a lot of issues. One of the biggest ‘features’ are the branching story paths; choose to be good, neutral or evil. The story will play out differently depending on what you do during the stages; the goals you accomplish.


Shadow the Hedgehog Angry

What went wrong with Shadow the Hedgehog?

It’s a cool idea, but the story-lines themselves really start to fall apart throughout the adventure and the worst part for me, accidentally accomplishing the wrong thing. I was playing through the game, trying to be good. But in the final level I broke the wrong thing and suddenly, I had to fight Sonic as the final boss. It was jarring. I backed the little blue guy for the entire game and he turned on because I made one mistake.

My second big issue was the level design. Some stages, like the city stages and the military facility felt cool, they set me up for a ‘little’ excitement… And then the ‘cyber network’ stages crushed my spirit totally. I felt lost, frustrated and after 30 minutes, ready to pack it in. I found my way eventually, maybe I’m just slow, but the level wasn’t fun regardless.


Show the Hedgehog Worst stage ever

Shadow the Hedgehog, is severely flawed and frustrating, but I do think anyone who enjoyed the Sonic Adventure games on the Sega Dreamcast can actually find something to enjoy here.


Shadow the Hedgehog PS2 Disc


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