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[Free Download] Mall Madness – The Leftover Culture Review Video Game

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3 awesome levels
5 bone-chilling enemies
Hidden weapons & areas

Bruiser needs your help. He’s lost his mum and there’s something seriously weird going down at the mall. It’s big, it’s crazy and everyone is out to push you around. You need to walk in Bruiser’s shoes and fight your way back to the car-park elevator against all odds.


The stakes are high. Don’t get grounded. This is Mall Madness.


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5 unique enemies

Bruiser is going head-to-head with 5 different enemies in Mall Madness. Each one, a secret alien bug-dude in disguise and out for your blood. Bruiser will need to take on 5 unique enemies in this Wolfenstein 3D-style FPS game. Each baddie has their own unique attack, death animation and difficulty. Survive long enough and you may get to face off against the ultimate in mall security…

4 killer weapons

Bruiser is at home in the mall environment and equipped to handle anything. Find the weapons in each level to ensure you see the end and have the firepower to take on the final boss. You’ll need to uncover secret areas to find all the different guns. Search hard enough and you might even find a secret one. Anything to stay alive a little longer… in Mall Madness.

3 levels of Mall Madness

The mall is a big place, and now you can experience it all in your house. We wanted to bring the entire mall experience into a package you can download and play from the safety of your living room. Each level has a unique layout and look, hidden areas and keep your eyes peeled for a totally secret room. Dive deep into the mall, fight through 3 levels and unleash hell.



System requirements and thanks

Mall Madness is for the fans! But mostly fans with a PC. This is a PC-only game, in the style of Wolfenstein 3D but I couldn’t have put it all together without some help.


Theme music by James Jupiter

Poster art by Ed Kearsley

A massive thanks to everyone who has been there to support the Leftover Culture Review. It’s been an amazing journey I couldn’t have done without you. Enjoy the free game, share the page with your mates.