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Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien – Doom Zone Playset Review

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Mighty max Liquidates the Ice Alien was released with the first wave of Mighty Max Doom Zones. It has a distinct ice factory feel and comes complete with a Mighty Max figure, Cryogenoid and a removable Iceosarus.

Opening up the playset reveals two semi formed ice alien heads protruding from the ice. All the Iceosarus heads in this playset sit on ball joints and fit well, nuzzled into the ice.

Inside the playset, we have a great combination of mechanical textures buried among the blanket of ice. Vertically, we get a lot of great looking pipes and generators with a platform that protrudes over the top of the playset. It’s an incredibly epic looking piece that creates a lot of play value in a simple way. Compared to sets like Mighty Max Terminates Wolfship 7, the Ice Alien playset really stands out.

Mighty Max Ice Alien Doom Zone Slider


Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien Comic Panel

Mighty Max lands deep in a refrigerated space shuttle. However, the Crygenoid is hot on his tail. A robot with a desire to open Mighty Max’s head and remove his brain to place it inside one of his Iceosaurus Ice Aliens.

Thinking fast, Mighty Max outruns the maniacal machine, avoids the ice aliens and sets off a series of lasers. Destroying the space shuttle and the creatures within.


Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien Comic Panel Card


Mighty Max Out in the Cold

Released for the Mighty Max cartoon series in 1993. Out in the Cold is an episode based off the Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien playset. Drawing heavy inspiration from the classic 80’s film, The Thing, Mighty Max managed to touch on a lot of those themes in a morning TV cartoon.

Mighty Max, Virgil and Norman head to the Arctic where researchers at a weather station start acting incredibly strange. The plot escalates as Virgil goes missing and Max and Norman find a lone researcher who believes aliens are invading Earth.


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