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Mighty Max Escapes Skull Dungeon – Doom Zone Playset Review

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Released in the first wave of Doom Zones, alongisde playsets like Mighty Max Trapped by Arachnoid, Liquidates the Ice Alien, Terminates Wolfship 7 and the Palace of Poison. Mighty Max Escapes from Skull Dunegon didn’t get it’s own TV episode, but it was used extensively in the TV advertisements throughout the US and continues to remain a fan favourite for it’s Dr. Frankenstein style theme.

On the outside, we have a grey skull that opens to form the laboratory Dr. Gore is working feverishly within to bring his creation to life. Smasher. The jaw flips down, revealing a stairway, taking Mighty Max deep into the mad scientists lair. The plasyet comes with a Mighty Max figure, Dr. Gore and Smasher, as well as two ‘eyes of death’. Removable electrically charged conduits pegged into the floor.


Mighty Max Escapes Skull Dungeon – Doom Zone Photo Gallery

The playset itself has a distinct Dr Frankenstein theme throughout, with a dingy mad professor’s dungeon on the bottom of the set. Along the walls, he have Dr. Gore’s living quarters with a personal library and seating area, as well as a hidden dungeon for his unlucky victims.

The electrified conductors (yellow posts with blue balls on top), can be removed from the floor of the playset. There’s a switch to bring Smasher to life, a trap door surprise and the wooden workbench under Smasher moves. The playset also uses the jaws on the outside to form a staircase into the Skull Dungeon.


Mighty Max Escapes Skull Dungeon Artwork


So how does Mighty Max escape Skull Dungeon?

Each Mighty Max playset came complete with a comic card on the back of the packaging. Mighty Max escapes Skull Dungeon managed to cram a lot of the play features from the set into the comic, like the trap door Dr. Gore falls down and the red switch.

There was no TV show specifically around the Frankenstein ‘theme’ but there’s no shortage of mad scientists.

Mighty Max Skull Dungeon Comic Card


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