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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle MOC Lego Sewer Lair

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle MOC Lego Sewer Lair

Let’s take a trip down into the Lego Sewers

So the goal here was to combine multiple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lego sets into one. I wanted a sewer set that tied into a street scene. I wanted something on the street, like a pizza shop, with an alley way and a bit of road.

I also wanted the sewer to feel right. Plenty of pipes, tight spaces and places for the turtles to occupy. I haven’t built too many custom sets like this, and where appropriate, I kept certain items stock (Donny’s benches, training area, pizza oven, The ‘Corner Deli’ Lego set that became the Pizza shop and April’s Apartment). 


I’ve made the Deli shop an Antonio’s Pizza joint, complete with Pizza oven and signage. On the top floor, I’ve just made it April’s apartment, overlooking the sidewalk below. 

Out on the street, we’ve got a sewer entrance from the manhole cover, with an added alley way, the skate ramp on the other side of the building and the street that extends back. Plenty of places to set up figures; Kraang in the alley, Footclan on the roof, Baxter’s robot rampaging down the street.

I’ve tried to create a sewer below the street that’s reminiscent of the original sewer lair. We have Donny’s Workshop on the far left, the work bench here was just pulled out of the Nickelodeon Turtles Sewer Lair and using the grate on top, I was also able to install a Fire Hydrant Periscope.

So Donny’s workshop is on this platform, along with the main lobby coming from the manhole. I wanted to elevate this so Donny had a good vantage point to work on the Turtle Sub.

From the back, we can access the computer system a little easier. It’s really basic but I wanted to to use it to add a little depth to the sewer lair and make sure we got all the important amenities for the Turtles.

One tricky aspect, with this larger section primarily built under the road, was creating the supports needed to keep the road firm up top. I didn’t want to create lots of wonky supports encroaching on the Turtles living space, I wanted it to feel big, but not empty or awkward.




When I first pulled apart the stock built Sewer Lairs, the original Nickelodeon Cartoon one and the one from the movie, I tried to keep them relatively together to begin with. The official Lego sets always do a pretty good job with the patterns on the bricks, stability, balance between the colours. I wanted to keep those elements as much as possible but it felt very ungainly. I originally wanted to go really big with a t-intersection, 3 different street sections, a massive underground area with 3 different floors and the ability to pull the set apart into two separate sections with a removable street.



The problem was obviously, I’ve tried connecting all these pieces into my grand scheme. It didn’t work, the whole thing was too big, too unstable, there were too many sections that felt redundant or weren’t practical. I also tried to mix both the Movie and Original Lego Turtles on each side of the lair, with all the bad guys up on top, there was a lot of minifigures, not much room to breathe.  




I pulled down the original structures, obviously tried to keep some pieces I wanted to reuse, but creating a better integrated scene, that’s more stable, takes up less space, easy to take down, and something that honestly, brings out a little nostalgia for me. I wanted to reference that original retro sewer lair playset, I wanted to reference the nickelodeon cartoon series, and I wanted a less grim, dark way to use that movie Ninja Turtle Lego.

Like any custom creation, this is far from complete, especially the back of the set. Any thoughts, suggestions or even custom turtle stuff you’ve built, let me know in the comments.