Mighty Max Caught by Man-Eater – Doom Zone Playset Review

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Mighty Max Caught by Man-Eater

Doom Zone Playset Review

Also known as Mighty Max trapped by the Jaws of Doom, this is an underwater, shark themed Doom Zone playset.

Mighty Max goes toe-to-toe with Dr. Kalamarus, a squid creature with a desire to destroy and collect sunken treasure using his modified shark submarine. The shark submarine has a great feel to it, with some really good organic textures both on the inside and outside of the playset. Looking inside the shark, the submarine is revealed with plenty of mechanical components to keep it operational and some sea life gathering around the rock pools.

The set came complete with the Mighty One, two squid fins, an electro manta submersible and the villain, Dr Kalamarus.

Might Max Caught by the Man-Eater inspired it’s own TV show; Less than 20,000 squid heads under the sea. There was plenty of changes from the initial play-set idea, with the squid-like creatures acting as a peaceful race trapped below the ocean by a crazed squid, but it’s always interesting seeing how these play-sets were interpreted for their ‘big screen’ debut. The deep-sea feel was certainly carried over and made a great setting for a Mighty Max story.

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