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Mighty Max Sinks Nautilus – Doom Zone Review

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Mighty Max Sinks Nautilus

Doom Zone Playset Review

Mighty Max sinks deep as he takes on the mighty Nautilus. An advanced submarine, loaded with high-tech features as well as some ancient, rotting ship wreckage’s. The big included pieces, like the Poseidon Beast, look awesome and work well within the playset. A lot of the beast is visible from the exterior of the set, which leaves plenty of space inside to do something awesome for Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Submarine.

For the figures here we’ve got our hero, Mighty Max, to save the day. Captain Nemo is looking like a zombie here, but all we know is that he’s back, 100’s of years later, to steal treasure in the most obnoxious way possibly. We’ve also touched on the Poseidon Beast which is not actually a creature but an escape vessel for the Nautilus.

The Nautilus playset opens vertically, which is unique for the toy line, with the inside of the playset forming the submarine’s interior. A combination of high-tech machinery and pieces of wreckages and treasure trawled from the seabed. That’s where the Neptune Trawler comes in.

A device Captain Nemo can run along the seafloor to collect the valuables in the deep mud. Captain Nemo is a hoarder.

The Mighty Max TV Episode

Mighty Max Sinks Nautilus did have an episode based on the playset with Tim Curry playing the French Author Jules Verne. The episode follows author Jules Verne. He was woken from his cryogenic sleep by a robbery in his Parisian apartment. His submarine design is seen attacking boats and ships in the ports. He joins Max, Virgil and Norman to track the menace down.

Captain Nemo’s great grandson has long-plotted revenge to restore his great-grandfathers name. So he stole the designs to rule the sea with his motley crew of pirates. If none of that makes sense, the writing team obviously had this awesome idea of a giant Nautilus creating havoc and figured the rest of the story will write itself.

Mighty Max Sinks Nautilus was released in the 4th wave of Doom Zones, the final series. It can be challenging finding a complete one. But I really liked how the series progressed over the 4 waves and how colourful some of the later sets became. Other favourites like Mighty Max Squishes the Fly certainly caught my attention when I started collecting them again.

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