Lego Aquazone Slider Aquanauts vs Aquasharks

Lego Aquazone Collection – Aquanauts vs Aquasharks

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Lego Aquazone Collection (1995)

Aquanauts vs Aquasharks

The Aquazone theme from Lego, 1995, managed to take us underwater to watch the Aquanauts and Aquasharks battle over a limited resource required to power their submarines, crystals.

The theme grew to include more factions, such as the Aquaraiders, but I really wanted to focus on the original Aquazone releases.


Aquanauts Submarine from Neptune Discovery Lab – 6195


The Neptune Discovery Lab came with one included submarine for the Aquanauts to start collecting crystals with. It’s got lots of storage space in the back, but the control station will only hold one Lego minifigure.

The four feet on this submarine allow it to easily dock with the Neptune Lab. It certainly isn’t one of the sleekest submarines in the Aquazone line, but it ties in really well with the purpose of the Aquanauts crystal processing laboratory.

In the video, you might notice that my Neptune Discovery base has a few small additions. I’ve added the smaller Sea Sprint 9 to the front of the base (instead of using the standard blue dome piece). As well as an additional blue dome covering the section where the crystal drops on the conveyor belt. I felt the additions worked within the theme and helped give the base a more complete look.



Aquasharks Submarine from set Shark’s Crystal Cave 6190


The Aquasharks had 4 ‘shark’ based submarines. This particular one comes from their largest set, the Shark’s Crystal Cave. This set served as a ‘base’ for the Aquashark team, but the baseplate really served as a docking station for the massive submarine.

The submarine itself appears to form the control centre for the Aquasharks operations. It’s big and agile, allowing the Aquasharks to move quickly to cut off or attack the Aquanauts submarines. The set came with a different Aquazone minifigure, Thresher (not pictured).

For the video, you might also notice an extra Aquashark Scout attached to the back of my Submarine. This is an addition I added for my display.






Aquanauts Crystal Explorer Sub 6175


The Crystal Explorer Submarine is one of the larger vehicles the Aquanauts have access to. There’s a lot more space for extra Aquanauts pilots compared to the submarine included with the Neptune Discovery Lab. As a submarine for exploration, I imagine there’s a much bigger emphasis on being prepared and ready by collecting data and tracking crystal deposits.

I love how well Lego kept the colour scheme and the Aquanaut ‘style’ going for this much larger submarine. There’s a few unique pieces we saw previously in the Neptune Discovery Lab Submarine and I appreciate ease-of-access to the interior of the sub. The Crystal Explorer sub was also referred to as the DSRV II in some regions, and is the second largest Aquanauts stand-alone submarine behind the Sea Claw 7. The Sea Claw 7 has 30 more pieces in total, but I felt the overall shape and design wasn’t as polished as the Crystal Explorer.



Aquasharks Shark Scout 6115 vs Aquanauts Sea Sprint 9 6125


Two of the smaller vehicles available for both the Aquasharks and Aquanauts. I love the look of these mini-vehicles and how they work into the larger Neptune Lab. Each set contains 28 pieces, translucent orange propellers and flippers. These can either attach to the vehicle or the mini-figure.

The sea-sprint 9 was also called the Octopod in some regions. Whereas the Aqaushark Scout was referred to as the dart.


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