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Mighty Max Terminates Wolfship 7 Doom Zone Review

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Mighty Max Comes in contact with an advanced alien race and needs to Terminate Wolfship 7. An alien themed Doom Zone play set. When the going gets tough, Mighty Max shuts down a whole alien invasion operation. In the comic panel, Mighty Max manages to do it singe-handily, in the cartoon he enlists the help of a fellow school chum.

Either way, we’re in for an explosive story line paired with a dull, sterile looking alien spaceship without any exciting features.


Worst Mighty Max Doom Zone

This is my least favorite Mighty Max Doom Zone Play Set. It’s boring. And the Mighty Max franchise could do so much better. We’ve seen some amazing Doom Zones and this one lacks imagination.

The name itself ‘Wolf Ship 7’ certainly lends itself to the outside of this play set. It’s shaped like a Wolf’s head with a bone texture across the surface. On the outside of the play set, there’s ‘bat’ wings that flip out (for flying in space?) as well as an extra weapon attached to the back of the ship.

Inside the play set, the grey gives way to a lot of white. It’s a sterile environment with some garish colours that don’t mesh well with the atmosphere of this Doom Zone. We’ve got two alien figures. The evil Alien Lord Lupor as well the Alien Lieutenant, and an escape pod. That’s it. No big figures, no extra weaponry and no cool internal features Mighty Max can use.



Mighty Max Terminates Wolfship 7 Comic Card Doom Zone


Mighty Max TV Cartoon

As much as I didn’t like the Doom Zone play set. The Mighty Max cartoon was amazing. Action packed, full of aliens straight from a H. R. Giger studio. The atmosphere on the spaceship is very high-tech as the aliens plan their invasion. The episode is paired with Max himself trying to get through a school assignment with the biggest nerd in his class.

What is interesting is the plot. Mighty Max and Ernie eventually take down the Alien spaceship with a floppy disc armed with a virus. Of course Ernie is a super genius that can understand the advanced logic of this alien computer system as well as the hardware they use to run it. The Mighty Max pre-dates the Independence Day movie that used a similar plot… So, was it such a good idea, they just had to steal it? Maybe.



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